WIN! PARROT ZIK Headphones

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Virgin Megastore is giving away a FREE pair of Parrot ZIK headphones.

Well, first, you should answer these 3 crucial questions:
- Do you LOVE music?
- Do you have a loooooong playlist?
- Do you have Parrot ZIK Gold Collection on top of your wish list?
If you answered ‘yes’ to all the above, here’s the next challenge!
Step 1. Click here
Step 2. Enter the tag VRGN10
Step 3. Record a video of yourself telling the whole world what you love most about Virgin Megastore (I can think of 20 reasons already).
Step 4. Post your video on Instagram.
Step 5. #WinParrotZikGold and @virginmegastoreme
Step 6. Get that link from your video and post it on the page.

Most importantly, don’t be shy! The best and most creative video SHALL win!

We will announce the winners on the 22nd of December so get your phones ready, and start recording!


For more info. visit and read all about it.



Good posting guys!

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