#VirginYas brings you Lenny & Eva

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Lenny & Eva is one of our favourite accessories brands, their mission is to inspire women of all ages, in all walks of their lives.
What started out as a kitchen table idea has quickly grown into one of the most popular interchangeable jewelry collections available today, including mix & match cuffs, necklaces, sentiments, charms, and pendants.

VM. LennyEva. Editorial 7 960x640 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & Eva

With Lenny & Eva, your collection is your story. Each interchangeable sentiment chosen for a different reason:
to remind…
to celebrate…
to comfort…
to encourage…
to empower.

VM. LennyEva. Beaded Bracelet. Lilac. 89AED 300x200 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & EvaVM. LennyEva. Wide Cuff Embossed Natural 99AED. Metal Sentiment Not all Brass 79AED 300x199 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & EvaVM. LennyEva. Braided Wrap. Sea Foam. 69AED 300x199 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & Eva

Adornments chosen not just for the way they look, but for what they make us feel…what they stand for.
We hope you find inspiration in Lenny & Eva collection of jewelry, and take the opportunity to share an inspiring message with the important women in your lives.

VM. LennyEva. Editorial 3 200x300 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & Eva                      VM. LennyEva. Editorial 1 300x200 #VirginYas brings you Lenny & Eva

Lenny & Eva is exclusively available in our Yas Mall store.

Come to Virgin Megastore Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi to experience the brand and start your own story!

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