TomTom Bandit Action Cam

Capture your memorable moments with this all new TomTom Bandit Action Cam. And if you’re not content with what you captured, guess what? You can edit it on the spot with a little bit of a shake and the TomTom app Besides this new shake technology the camera also comes with loads of cool new features that makes this one of the┬ábest action cameras out in the market.

  • No Cables: With the Battstick, you’ve got a USB port for charging and uploading your files. Makes movement alot easier!
  • Easy mounting: Got a great mounting mechanism that makes mounting easy and immediate
  • Longer battery life: Spend a full day filming with this battery
  • Waterproof: Put the dive lens on and enjoy the depths of water until 40 meters.
  • Built-in Action Sensors

The camera is available now in-stores across the UAE.


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