The Bubble Has Burst

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Pop culture has exploded and it’s on everybody’s lips. They’re talking about it. They’re gossiping about it. But most of all they are singing it on repeat. It’s pure obsession. It’s ARTPOP. And it’s none other than Lady Gaga.

Just released in the United States on November 11th, the #LittleMonsters in the Middle East have already learned all the lyrics with posts overflowing Facebook and Twitter eagerly awaiting the entry of ARTPOP into the region. However, patience is a virtue because considering Lady Gaga’s lyrics can be gently referred to as crude and images a little nude… well there’s much Photoshop and cleaning up work to be done before ARTPOP can be released in this region.

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By mid next week (November 18th-21st) Virgin Megastore will have ARTPOP available on its shelves in the UAE with Bahrain,

Artpop lady gaga 31901665 700 701 The Bubble Has Burst Jordan and Egypt to follow in the next two weeks. Keep up to date on our Twitter @VirginMENA to make sure you’re one of the first to get your paws on it since it is sure to be a quick sell out. And parents can feel safe buying the clean version from us.

Gaga’s rhythmic sound has varied from album to album — developing from a “bubblegum pop” instrumental and vocal base (“Alejandro”) into a, now, EDM-stylized club (“Swine”) and retro 80s throwback sound (“Do What U Want”). The content though, hasn’t changed much at all. Still weird and eccentric to say the least, but nonetheless catchy and powerful.

ARTPOP contains 15 tracks, ranging in extreme alterations of sound and style — a delicate, sentimental piano ballad (“Dope”), a rap/hip hop inspired collaboration featuring T.I., Too Short and Twista (“Jewels ‘N Drugs”) and the lively, electronic hit single, “Applause.”

In an MTV  interview with Jeff Koons, the artist that created Gaga’s ARTPOP album cover, he reveals the meaning of the gazing ball. The gazing ball is a mirrored sphere typically displayed as an ornament in yards and can also be found around many hotels around the world. I see them everywhere in Dubai, pay attention next time. The beauty is the accessibility of the ball, it’s everywhere, for everyone to experience. The gazing ball manifests a feeling of transcendence, a mass dialogue, generosity, involvement with the community and what the bigger possibilities are for humans.  A gazing ball affirms your existence and from that affirmation you start to want more and that leads to transcendence. In the background are glimpses of Apollo, the mythical Greek God of Music and Light, and Daphne. You experience transcendence from art and light. The triangular shapes suggest Botticelli’s birth of Venus, representing the continuation of life’s energy and appreciation of aesthetics and beauty. The ARTPOP album cover has been modified to suit Middle Eastern standards.

lady gaga drops lead artpop single applause 300x286 The Bubble Has Burst

I’m listening to the album as I write this post and am loving it. I’m super excited for the release next week and for all of you to get your little paws on it. I can already imagine bouncing to remixes of these tracks at nightclubs. It’s gonna be POP-tastic.

So, put your hands together ladies and gentleman and “love me, love me, please re-tweet”.



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5 Responses to The Bubble Has Burst

  1. ali says:

    please we want the explicit version and the original cover of the album i mean censorship is just pointless we are the little monsters here its not fair to get a cover like that its not ARTPOP when its edited and censored please do something do not ship it to here if you are going to censor the album

    • @KokoZu says:

      Dear Ali,
      This is not in our control. The Middle East region has specific restrictions and we must follow them.

  2. Raamish says:


  3. Raamish says:

    Are the songs like Sexxx Dreams also censored or is it the original version??

  4. ahmed says:

    someone i know bought it from UAE store and i was an explicit version
    so is it going to be an explicit version available in Egypt ?or what?

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