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Hot Issue Alert

Posted by: @KokoZu
wo emailer - euro guide 1080 x 1080 v2

The June issue of What’s On magazine landed on my desk this week and I have to say it’s packed with lots of brilliant, boredom-busting ideas, including 37 awesome things to do this summer! The issue is available both for Dubai and for Abu Dhabi. What’s on also turns 37 this year and in celebration they’re giving away more than 65,000 Dhs worth of prizes, including hotel stays, spa treatments and a luxury holiday to Phuket! The issue includes the much-awaited  guide to iftars, suhoors and Ramadan daytime dining. And lastly, you’ll also get a Euro 2016 Guide which highlights the best venues in Dubai to watch the games and includes a free, pull-out wall planner to keep you up to date. Grab your copy now at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE or various other outlets or check them out online

No more stinky summers!

Posted by: @KokoZu

With a hot and humid summer encroaching us, it’s so difficult to constantly stay fresh and feel rejuvenated. You feel like you’re under a heavy blanket of damp air. Just the thought of that makes me cringe and regret that I didn’t make any travel plans for July and August this year. But since you can’t change your circumstances, you can always make slight improvements to make it better. Introducing you to the fragrances by Mr and Mrs. Capsule which allow you to scent your ambiance with a click of a button. How Nespresso changed the coffee scene with a capsule, you can do the same with capsules ranging in a variety of different scents from Mr&Mrs Capsules which can be used with the electronic fragrance diffusers: George and Fiorello. You can use these fragrances in your home, your workplace or even your…

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Have it All this DSS!

Posted by: Sophie

You can have it all this summer during the Dubai Summer Surprises. Simply spend AED 400 at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE and get a chance to be the lucky winner of the ultimate home entertainment collection! If that’s not good enough, then try doubling your chances when you subscribe or upgrade to du’s Talk, Surf & Watch packages with 16Mbps or 24Mbps. To find out more, visit any of our stores today!   Offer is valid until the 5th of September 2014.      

Ramadan in the summer!

Posted by: Sophie

    Ramadan Kareem everyone! Yes it’s the end of June, and July is undoubtedly the most aggressively hot and humid month in the UAE and on top of it, we must abstain from drinking that precious transparent liquid that nourishes us and hydrates us. But we do it, don’t we! Fasting has become a natural part of our spiritual lives as we’ve learned to do it from an early age and have grown accustomed to the way our bodies adapt to working on no food or water for hours. Just like Camels I suppose That’s why I regard Ramadan as truly fulfilling because it’s in the month of Ramadan where I can truly feel as though I have challenged myself. But we must remember that although fasting is manageable for a lot of us, our bodies are in a…

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RedBox is going to Modhesh

Posted by: Madre Wilson
RedBox at Modhesh World

Modhesh World is synonymous with family entertainment during the summer in Dubai and over the years it has grown to become a destination in itself, given the fact that it has attracted around 500,000 visitors in the previous editions. Our endeavour every year is to bring innovative and exciting entertainment and events to Modhesh World that you and your children will never forget! This year RedBox is joining Modhesh at the World Trade Centre by bringing you all our fun and exciting products. From Kids’ t-shirts that glow in the dark to Flash hovercrafts, not forgetting your old time favorites in Angry Bird tees, slingshots and phone covers, 1-D merchandise, mini micro scooters and more – all at a special 10% discounted rate. It all kicks off tomorrow at 5 PM throughout the hot summer months. Bring the family for some…

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