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Hot Issue Alert

Posted by: @KokoZu
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The June issue of What’s On magazine landed on my desk this week and I have to say it’s packed with lots of brilliant, boredom-busting ideas, including 37 awesome things to do this summer! The issue is available both for Dubai and for Abu Dhabi. What’s on also turns 37 this year and in celebration they’re giving away more than 65,000 Dhs worth of prizes, including hotel stays, spa treatments and a luxury holiday to Phuket! The issue includes the much-awaited  guide to iftars, suhoors and Ramadan daytime dining. And lastly, you’ll also get a Euro 2016 Guide which highlights the best venues in Dubai to watch the games and includes a free, pull-out wall planner to keep you up to date. Grab your copy now at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE or various other outlets or check them out online

Top 5 Emirati Ramadan Dishes

Posted by: @KokoZu
Dates and Masbah

Ramadan Kareem everyone! Before I talk about food, Iftar and Suhoor, the important thing to note is that Ramadan isn’t just about abstaining from food and drink from dawn to sunset, but more so is a test of a Muslim’s faith, will and sacrifice. It’s also a great aid in helping one realize the true value of his/her blessings and how often we take things for granted. The two essential components of Fasting are: Iftar and Suhoor, the main meals in Ramadan. Suhoor is equivalent to breakfast, i.e. the meal consumed before dawn, and Iftar is equivalent to dinner, the meal served at sunset. Muslims all over the world share this Holy Month together, however, eating practices vary from country to country and types of food served vary by region. The one thing that is shared among all, irrelevant of background,…

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