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I had the pleasure of attending the launch and listening session of Illmiyah’s new solo album called Stereotype this past Tuesday. Illmiyah, otherwise known as one half of Desert Heat, literally translates as the knowledge multiplied by a 100 [ilm-knowledge miyah-100times]. Now, I am no expert in the arts of music but I definitely left feeling very positive towards Illmiyah’s new album which really outlines Stereotypes as its main theme (stereotypes that we’ve all dealt with whether its race, religion, color etc) I felt that there was a bigger, deeper meaning behind this hip-hop album, quite contrary to what we see and hear in the mainstream hip-hop these days (clubs, girls, money and that ‘swag’ lifestyle…you get my flow). The album is mainly in English but Illmiyah definitely stays true to his roots and drops in a few Arabic words…

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