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In July 2013, Virgin Megastore got involved with Jonathon Defante, United Nations Citizens Ambassador and Music Buyer, in his quest to build a bottle school in Guatemala. Defante completed collection of the necessary funds ($7000 to be precise) early December 2013 and traveled to Guatemala from Dubai on December 26th. After a 28-hour-journey, Defante arrived to Guatemala where he met with his fellow citizens’ ambassador Mario Valdez who helped him assimilate to the Guatemalan culture. Valdez is involved with Techo, a Latin American organization that focuses its efforts on overcoming poverty and improving living conditions in slums around the city. Defante said that the city reminded him of The Hunger Games, being split into several districts (Zone 18 being the “No-Go-Zone”). He also added that language was quite a problem as Spanish is the official language and very few people…

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One Life, One Bottle

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Hug it Forward Bottle School

They say the dark moments of life are those that change our life for the best. This was the story of Jonathan Eric Defante, a 24-year-old Music Buyer at Virgin Megastore. His difficulties arose when he arrived to the U.A.E. in January 2011 in search of a better life and improved future prospects. That dream turned into a job search nightmare. Defante spent almost nine months scouring the internet for jobs in Dubai, when he came across a website that featured a contest for the United Nations Citizens Ambassador program. To enter the contest, applicants had to record a 30 second video of what one would say to the Secretary General of the United Nations. Below is the pitch Jon sent in, which changed his life for the better. “Every year more than 75% or about 2.7 million tons of…

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Story Time

    Virgin Megastore and Time Out Kids present Story Time at Virgin Megastore in Mall of the Emirates on Friday 21st June from 10am onwards. Bring your kids for some good old story telling of Dr. Seuss’s Cat in the Hat, which will be read by a mystery local celeb! The Virgin Radio crew and Time Out Kids’ mascot, Elliot the Bear, will also be present at the reading. Enjoy a family day out and immerse your kids in the imaginative world of Dr. Seuss. Free entry for everyone plus your kids will have a chance to play games and win some pretty cool prizes including screenings from Meydan IMAX

Goodnight, iPad

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We love gadgets at Virgin Megastores. E-Book readers, iPads, iPhones, Blackberries, Netbooks, MacBooks, wireless speakers, games consoles…we’ve got the lot. Really. Pop in to one of our stores and look around. We’ve got stuff even we haven’t heard of. The downside is, we love these gadgets so much that we spend every available second of our free time, especially at weekends, glued to the things, ignoring things like daylight and hunger as we obsessively play with our apps and “engage with our content in a new and dynamic way” – a meaningless bit of marketing-speak from Apple. I can’t speak for everyone, of course, but I know that in my home this addiction has become something of an issue. Apparently there are some people out there who find this kind of behaviour annoying. One of them, a woman labouring under the pseudonym Ann…

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