Retro Gaming back in Fashion

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The term retro has become one impossible to ignore over the last few years. Whether we’re referring to fashion, advertising, furniture or even gaming, it seems that retro is the new modern.  With that, say hello to retro-gaming. We’ve got the latest vintage gaming product selection available at your fingertips.

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You can now tap into the gaming world of the 80s and 90s with vintage consoles such as the Gameboy, Gameboy pocket, Gameboy color, Playstation 1 and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Whether to fulfill your nostalgia or to add to your collection, we’ve also got Nintendo cartridges and Gameboy cartridges from popular favorites such as Super Mario, Tetris and Pokemon.

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All games are pre-loved, tested and working
Come with a few battle scars from the 80s
May not include original box
Prices of games may vary due to eclusivity and condition of the game

Here are top 3 Reasons you should get into Retro Gaming:

  1. Explore the Past: If you’re not an 80s or 90s child, here’s a chance for you to explore what those generations did while growing up. Plus it’ll really make you appreciate the graphics of today’s gaming world.
  2. Its the Hipster thing to do: As a self-claimed hipster, I guess its okay for me to say that once you’ve got that flannel, your vinyl player and a retro gaming system…you’re half there to becoming a true hipster.
  3. It will probably be valued for a much higher price later on: Use it now and make sure you keep it in good quality. You never know how much it’ll be worth when it becomes ‘antique’

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2 Responses to Retro Gaming back in Fashion

  1. Aisha says:

    Is it available in any vergin megastore?!

    • @KokoZu says:

      Only in Mall of the Emirates at the moment

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