Of Monsters and Men and The Killers

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The third anniversary for Sandance festival headlined the icelandic folk indie band Of Monsters and Men and the rock quartet from Vegas The Killers. After sandancers watched the sunset while enjoying some reggae beats from The Wailers , the remaining band of Bob Marley, the six-membered indie folk band Of Monsters and Men took up the stage to begin their show with the song ‘Dirty Paws’ that got the audience excited as soon as the lead singer Nanna Hilmarsdottir started singing with her melancholic deep voice. Their performance varied from upbeat songs such as ‘Mountain Sound’ to songs that give you goosebumps such as ‘Lakehouse’ where the voices of Nanna and the co-vocalist Ragnar Þórhallsson blended together only to be interrupted by their charismatic drummer Arnar Hilmarsson jumping to the front to lead the crowd with his drumsticks. Other songs included ‘King and Lionheart’, the much awaited song ‘ Little Talks’ and finally to end their show with the track ‘Yellow Lights’ all from their debut album ‘My Head is an Animal’. Throughout the show you can’t help but feel the strong vibe of their genre with their unique outfits that included bow ties and suspenders that harmonised perfectly with the mixture of their instruments that included a trumpet, an accordion and a piano.

2013 10 122 Of Monsters and Men and The Killers   dsc076041 Of Monsters and Men and The Killers

After being mesmerized by the indie band, The pop/rock artists The Killers jumped up on the stage to debut their show by almost everyone’s favorite song ‘ Mr. Brightside’. The vibe that song sent to the audience was simply magical with almost every single person of the 15,000 attendees singing and screaming the same exact words at the same time. Brandon Flowers didn’t fail to deliver what the audience was waiting for. Jumping up and down and moving around the stage along with his fellow band mates , performing singles such as ‘Jenny was a friend of mine, ‘ Smile like you mean it’, ‘ A Dustland Fairytale’ and ‘All these things that I’ve  done’ picked from their 4 different albums  making sure that each attendee is satisfying his music taste.

dsc076251 Of Monsters and Men and The Killers

dsc076321 Of Monsters and Men and The Killers  dsc07634 Of Monsters and Men and The Killers

Four hours after singing along , it was time for the audience to dance. This is where Steve Angello stepped in to give the crowd a set of electric dance music that was accompanied by awesome colorful visuals and fire set up as the set reached its peak which made the attendees go absolutely crazy . One more time Sandance didn’t fail to dazzle us.

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