No more stinky summers!

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With a hot and humid summer encroaching us, it’s so difficult to constantly stay fresh and feel rejuvenated. You feel like you’re under a heavy blanket of damp air. Just the thought of that makes me cringe and regret that I didn’t make any travel plans for July and August this year.

But since you can’t change your circumstances, you can always make slight improvements to make it better. Introducing you to the fragrances by Mr and Mrs. Capsule which allow you to scent your ambiance with a click of a button. How Nespresso changed the coffee scene with a capsule, you can do the same with capsules ranging in a variety of different scents from Mr&Mrs Capsules which can be used with the electronic fragrance diffusers: George and Fiorello.

You can use these fragrances in your home, your workplace or even your car. We have variety of colors, styles and scents available instore and online.

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gold+PACK No more stinky summers!3 960x1344 No more stinky summers!

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