Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi

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What does Muse mean to you? To me, it means 10 years of waiting to see the band perform live in front of my eyes. The band whose songs most of us have cruised to, cried to, kissed to and went crazy to. One might have lots of high expectations while waiting to see Muse and boy did they meet them and more. Amidst the smoke appeared the British rock group, Muse, for their second time in the UAE to electrify the audience with their vibrant music and striking lyrics. The show began with a video of their song Unsustainable from their album The 2nd law and Matt Bellamy got the crowds excited with his screaming high notes that we are all used to along the robot voice only to get his notes down and begin their second song Supremacy. A vibe of  overwhelming craziness took the audience to a whole new level when they started performing their 2006 hit song Supermassive Black Hole. Muse then dug deep into their older albums to pick for us songs such as Plug in Baby and Hysteria, where Matt decided to hysterically smash his guitar at the beginning of the show. At this point, you are so satisfied you don’t know what to expect anymore. But there he was. Placed in the middle of the stage in front of his piano, reciting his politically provocative lyrics of ‘Unites Stated of Eurasia‘ while the crowds went silent focusing on the ‘anti system’ visuals on the stage screens that completed the song perfectly. ‘Madness’ had a complete different vibe. Matt put on sunglasses that display the lyrics of the song and stuck his face to the camera for everyone to sing along. Throughout the show you can’t help but feel the band’s love for the future and science reflected by the neon lights and their selection of visuals and robotic sounds played on the stage screens. The encore included yet another political song, Uprising, with Matt screaming his heart out at the controlling degrading politicians and Starlight from their album Black Holes and Revelations. After these two songs, the stage went dark and a light was focused only on the bassist Christopher Wolstenholme, who surprised everyone by playing the harmonica as an awesome intro to the last song, Knights of Cydonia,  that rocked the stage . All in all the concert was breathtaking, and Muse live are so brilliant that I had to actually stare at Matt’s lips sometimes to make sure he is not lip-syncing!

IMG 2112 960x720 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi IMG 21361 960x720 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi IMG 2106 960x720 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi
IMG 2181 960x582 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi
IMG 2088 960x720 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi IMG 2069 960x720 Muse rockin in Abu Dhabi

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    Awesome :)

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