Magisso- Naturally Cooling Ceramic

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magisso 7 Magisso  Naturally Cooling Ceramic

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Enjoy a cool drink throughout any occasion- hassle free.  Introducing Magisso ware that doesn’t require a freezer or a fridge to keep contents cool with the awarded Naturally Cooling Ceramic. All you have to do is soak the Naturally Cooling Ceramics in water for a couple of minutes before use to keep contents cool for up-to four hours! You can also create your own design or write a message on the Ceramics with chalk to personalize the occasion. This sleek range not only looks good but extremely convenient with its unique and user-friendly function. Check out our selection available here



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The Magisso Cool-ID Tumbler allows you to keep your favorite drinks cool longer even in the hottest weather. Just soak the tumbler for 60 seconds under water or a running tap for the natural cooling effect to start. Pour your favorite cold beer or any cold beverage into it and enjoy – as long as you like. The tumbler stays cold for hours, so you can keep the beer flowing. You can stand out from the crowd by personalizing it with a touch of chalk and creativity. Cool-ID Tumbler is a perfect gift.

magisso cake server 300x225 Magisso  Naturally Cooling Ceramicmagisso 6 300x199 Magisso  Naturally Cooling Ceramic

The Magisso Cake Server is now available in four pastel colors: Tasty Mint, Snow White, Cherry Blossom and Fresh Lemon. It makes cutting and serving your favorite cake nice and simple. All you need to do is press the Cake Server through a cake, squeeze it gently for lifting the piece onto your plate. Release the squeeze and get that perfect piece of cake upright on your plate. Then you can get always even sized pieces.



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