Goldie Blox- Educational Toys For Girls

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652618 GOLDIE BLOX SPINNING MACHINE 2X TOTY WINNER 291x300 Goldie Blox  Educational Toys For Girls


Tired of buying those toys that break within a week? Or feeling as if you have to purchase toys that are a waste of money? Introducing Goldie Blox, who won TOY OF THE YEAR 2014. These are a variety of hands-on toys for GIRLS. Something different from the norm, toys that get their mind working and hands building.

Goldie Blox is apart of the STEM- “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”originally used by the Education-related programs of the National Science Foundation (NSF). Now you can feel better purchasing toys with an educational purpose.


652625 GOLDIE BLOX BUILDERS SURVIVAL KIT ACTIVITY SET 2 300x211 Goldie Blox  Educational Toys For Girls

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