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We all lead busy busy lives – and here in the U.A.E there is a definite work hard, play hard culture with plenty on offer in the way of entertainment.

Sometimes even with all the planning in the world something unexpected happens and we end up not being able to make it to a night out / event that we had planned on attending and bought tickets in advance for.

Screen Shot 2014 11 12 at 5.26.23 PM 211x300 Get Covered!

This can be extremely costly to us and often arises through no fault of our own – simply through everyday occurrences – sometimes life will throw you a curveball!

Here at Virgin Megastore we believe that our customers should not lose out because of these unexpected happenings that prevent us from enjoying events we’d planned to attend.

This is why we’ve introduced the option for our customers to take out insurance upon purchase of tickets from us. Our insurance will cover you for the following types of situations that prevent you from attending your planned event:

• Traffic delays, car breakdown or accidents

• Airline delays

• Refusal of entry due to missing proof of age

• Illness, health issues of ticket holder or relative

The cost of ticket insurance and peace of mind, should the unexpected arise will be calculated according to the rate of the ticket price.

This new service will protect our customers from losing out during unforeseen circumstances. Check out the insurance option next time you visit our ticketing website  or ask about this in our stores when purchasing tickets from us.

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