Earn More Eidiya During Eid – A Guide

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Following the success of our humorous Ramadan – How To Guide, we decided to create a humorous Eid guide for our followers. It has always been the tradition in almost every Eid-celebrating household to give out Eidiyas to kids, teens, and wives on the start of every Eid. Eidiya are gifts that are given by family elders such as grandparents, fathers, uncles in form of money. Though different cultures apply different traditions, the Eidiya is common throughout all. The purpose of the Eidiya is simple gift-giving but instead of receiving presents, you can buy whatever you please with the money you receive. Another really important part of your Eidiya is how you split it to benefit charities. Charity in Eid-Al-Fitr is a must and it’s a great deed if you can start from a young age.

As for our Eid guide, we thought of how we can help you find ideas to get more of your standard Eidiya from your family members – all in good, humorous faith icon smile Earn More Eidiya During Eid   A Guide

How To Eid 02 Earn More Eidiya During Eid   A Guide

I would like to wish all our followers a Eid Mubarak. Have a great break and be kind.

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