Don’t just play: Live the game – Playstation VR

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Experience new worlds by living the game. 

VR12 960x640 Don’t just play: Live the game   Playstation VR
From the moment you slip on PlayStation VR, the new Virtual Reality system for PlayStation 4, you’ll experience games in an entirely new way. You’ll be at the centre of the action, living every detail of extraordinary new worlds and you’ll feel like you’re actually inside the game. The system also has a Cinematic mode, which lets users enjoy a variety of content in a large virtual screen while wearing the headset. Users will also be able to enjoy 360 degrees photos and videos that are captured by devices such as omni-directional cameras on PS VR via PS4 Media Player, which will let them feel as if they are physically inside the captured scene.

VR unboxing 960x761 Don’t just play: Live the game   Playstation VR
The tentative release date for the new PlayStation VR (PS VR) is October 2016. The item is priced at AED 1,499 and we have limited quantities available.  Pre-order your PSVR here today to reserve your own copy.

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