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deskcycle 960x864 DeskCycle


Let’s face it; those of us who are confined to their¬†desks for up to eight hours in a day have a hard time fitting exercise into their daily routine. Whatever the excuse may be on that particular day- the end result is the same. We’re so excited to have found the perfect solution,¬†introducing the DeskCycle that allows you to quietly go about your work life whilst getting moderate exercise in! Stick this little machine under your desk and cycle away. It has quiet magnetic pedals to avoid disturbing yourself and coworkers around you with up to 8 resistance levels to maximize calories burnt. It even comes with a display stand to track your performance. A revolutionary machine that allows you to exercise during your long work hours to improve your mood, regulate stress levels and be more productive at work.

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deskcycle2 960x722 DeskCycle

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