CREATE: A day of art & education

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So its been a few days since we opened up shop in Sharjah and we’re just now starting to get warmed up. We will be holding a series of mini-events to mark our arrival and this Saturday, January 16th will be the first one. From 3-6pm, bring your children (aged 2-8years) to the atrium closest to Virgin Megastore on the ground floor to let them explore a set of wide-ranging educational toys including floor puzzles, Magna Tiles blocks, magic tricks, bracelet-making and much more! At the same time you can also explore and delve into some art with artists Fathima and Dose who will be doing a live art installation in-store and in the atrium.

We’ve outlined the artists details below. Make sure you pass by, take photos and use the hashtag #WeAreHereSharjah #VMSCreate

Sharjah Launch Copy CREATE: A day of art & education


Fathima Mohiuddin or better known as Fats is a Dubai-based artist and curator. Over the last 10 years her work has spanned large works on paper, intimate illustration, live art, stop motion animation to more recent street art projects in London, New York, Jordan and Dubai. Her work taking from personal experiences resonates of universal truths that portray, through playful abstract characters and interactions, narratives of tragedy and dismay coupled with triumph, hope and momentum. “We are all walking wounded.” She says. “And we can be heroes”. Her signature styles of mark making and line work are both dark and chaotic yet fluid, organic and hopeful sometimes coupled with text that references these same truths. To see more of her work, stop by our store in Sahara Centre on Saturday 1-7pm.

fathima 960x640 CREATE: A day of art & education

Dose is a Turkish artist based in Dubai and can be found  on Instagram as @doseart. He’s been working on walls for almost 15 years and his work is comprised of mostly English and Arabic traditional calligraphy style. He tries to mix classic and modern lines in the same artwork and works with airbrush and paints street style portraits as well. If you want to see some graffiti-style art and calligraphy as well, pass by Virgin in Sahara Centre on Saturday from 1-7 pm  to see a live illustration.

dose CREATE: A day of art & education

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