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3 Lucky Winners! Spend AED 400 or more at Virgin Megastore & enter a draw to win ‘the ultimate tower’ which includes a variety of prizes! We’ve outlined some of the prizes below to give you a taste of the tower.

Discover Drum

DiscoverDrums angle web 1200x750 960x600 Check out our DSF Prizes!

Ion Audio Discover Drum is an all-in-one desktop drum set. The LEDs light up to indicate which pad to play for those who are just getting started with their rhythm and timing. Learn unique drum beats with 49 playable patterns. Internal speakers are built-in to showcase your talent or hook it up to your headphones to practice silently! Connect easily with your Mac or PC using a simple USB cable.


Airwheel X3

Airwheel X3 4 Check out our DSF Prizes!

The Airwheel X3 is an intelligent self-balancing unicycle that is a revolutionary alternative from regular transportation. Not only does it have excellent battery life but it’s also known for its low-carbon footprint making it environmentally friendly. Its smart balance chip makes for a safe journey and gets you to your desired destination.


Ion Vinyl Motion Player

VM raspberry media 8x10 960x768 Check out our DSF Prizes!Vinyl Motion is a 1950’s style Vinyl player that not only looks awesome but resembles a suitcase for easy transport. It has an already built-in speaker and an incredible software that can turn recordings into a digital file via USB instantly!


ION Party Bluetooth Speaker

iRB02PartyBotMicro Side v41 960x1109 Check out our DSF Prizes!

This really cool speaker is like none other. A perfect addition for those spontaneous parties, this speaker has it all from built-in lighting to sync with the music, wireless device pairing, to a whopping 50-Watt speaker that will definitely bring life to any party.


Marley Cruz Skateboards

marley cruz skateboard 960x426 Check out our DSF Prizes!

Our Marley Cruz skateboards come in an array of funky colors and are suitable for any age group. They’re such a smooth ride and its convenience in size makes it easy to carry around with you anywhere.

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