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Hot Issue Alert

Posted by: @KokoZu
wo emailer - euro guide 1080 x 1080 v2

The June issue of What’s On magazine landed on my desk this week and I have to say it’s packed with lots of brilliant, boredom-busting ideas, including 37 awesome things to do this summer! The issue is available both for Dubai and for Abu Dhabi. What’s on also turns 37 this year and in celebration they’re giving away more than 65,000 Dhs worth of prizes, including hotel stays, spa treatments and a luxury holiday to Phuket! The issue includes the much-awaited  guide to iftars, suhoors and Ramadan daytime dining. And lastly, you’ll also get a Euro 2016 Guide which highlights the best venues in Dubai to watch the games and includes a free, pull-out wall planner to keep you up to date. Grab your copy now at any Virgin Megastore in the UAE or various other outlets or check them out online

Wraps Wristband Headphones

Posted by: Deena Farghal
wraps wristband

…and the award for  ‘new clever innovation’  goes to Wraps Wristband Headphones. What an excellent way to solve the messy problem of tangled  or damaged wires by just simply wrapping them around your wrist. Choose between different styles to suite your preference such as wooden beaded, Tuscan leather or classic wraps in a variety of colors here.  

The all new Fitbit Alta

Posted by: @KokoZu

Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than what you used to be! Want a fitness tracker that doesn’t clash with your workwear or evening wear? The new FitBit Alta lets you add style to your arm jewelry with interchangeable bands available in leather, metallic or different colors.  Track your steps, your sleep and you don’t even worry about getting it wet with its waterproof technology. The new Fitbit Alta is now available in store and online here.

TomTom Bandit Action Cam

Posted by: @KokoZu

Capture your memorable moments with this all new TomTom Bandit Action Cam. And if you’re not content with what you captured, guess what? You can edit it on the spot with a little bit of a shake and the TomTom app Besides this new shake technology the camera also comes with loads of cool new features that makes this one of the best action cameras out in the market. No Cables: With the Battstick, you’ve got a USB port for charging and uploading your files. Makes movement alot easier! Easy mounting: Got a great mounting mechanism that makes mounting easy and immediate Longer battery life: Spend a full day filming with this battery Waterproof: Put the dive lens on and enjoy the depths of water until 40 meters. Built-in Action Sensors The camera is available now in-stores across the UAE.  

The new backpack jam

Posted by: Deena Farghal

    JammyPack was developed in Newport Beach and tested to perfection in Colorado. In 2009 the primary aim was to create high quality and functional portable speakers and what better way to carry them around then conveniently built-in your back-pack? Or how about eliminating barriers that headphones essentially give when in a group setting.  That’s when JammyPack was born and ready to take on trips with anyone, anywhere.                 They “use only the highest-quality, water-resistant, silver stamped magnetic, open source, mini-speakers; boosting 5W of stereo-amplified beats per speaker. Engaging in the highest qualified range; volume with quality.”