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Embracing the Wireless Fad

Posted by: @KokoZu

Gone are the days of wired headphones. Gone are the days of being restricted to the length of the wire while you workout or move about your day. Its finally time where we embrace the ‘wireless’ BOSE has just launched its latest products featuring the Quiet Comfort 35 Wireless Headphones and the Soundsport Wireless Earphones. The headphones have the ability to connect to any of your devices with Bluetooth and NFC pairing and features the best noise cancelling technology providing you with smooth sounding music free of any noise. The earphones also offer wireless technology, in addition to being sweat and weather resistant. And most importantly the earphones are built using a soft silicone material and a unique shape which help the earphone stay in your ear even during the most rigorous of workouts. These are probably the ideal ‘go to’ earphones for…

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Meet Edwin the Duck

Posted by: Deena Farghal

  Meet Edwin- the first ever Smart Duck, also known as your child’s next best companion. Edwin is no ordinary duck, his interactive qualities include telling stories, games and songs. Connected through  continuously expanding entertainment apps, Edwin has the capability of growing with your child from newborn to 5 years old. Truly a revolutionary toy. Edwin will be available just in time for Eid, making this a perfect gift for that little special some one.   About Edwin -Edwin the Duck is CPSC safety certified -BPA-free -Rechargeable lithium ion battery with a life of up to 8 hours -Multi-colored LED light -Waterproof Bluetooth® speaker -Thermometer to take both water and body temperature  

Lumee Phone Case

Posted by: Deena Farghal

The Lumee phone case is a game changer for social media. This front-lit smartphone case gives you excellent lighting with a dimmer making every angle your best angle. Buy this little gem that not only gives you quality images but protects your phone. It doesn’t end there, the Lumee phone case can be used for multiple purposes including a flashlight, lighting to apply make-up, or your very own portable night light. Buy yours at  for just 249 AED.        

Wraps Wristband Headphones

Posted by: Deena Farghal
wraps wristband

…and the award for  ‘new clever innovation’  goes to Wraps Wristband Headphones. What an excellent way to solve the messy problem of tangled  or damaged wires by just simply wrapping them around your wrist. Choose between different styles to suite your preference such as wooden beaded, Tuscan leather or classic wraps in a variety of colors here.  

CreoPop 3D Pen

Posted by: Deena Farghal

Creo Pop is the new and improved 3D pen. Unlike other 3D pens out there, Creo Pop has been redesigned to avoid the dangers and toxic smell of melted plastic, making it a much safer option for users. This incredible product allows you to create personalized designs in an array of different colors, shapes and sizes. Different  inks are available for temporary body tattooing, magnetic ink, glow in the dark and many more! Have a look at the video below and prepare to be amazed. Buy yours here!!