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Posted by: Deena Farghal

  Let’s face it; those of us who are confined to their desks for up to eight hours in a day have a hard time fitting exercise into their daily routine. Whatever the excuse may be on that particular day- the end result is the same. We’re so excited to have found the perfect solution, introducing the DeskCycle that allows you to quietly go about your work life whilst getting moderate exercise in! Stick this little machine under your desk and cycle away. It has quiet magnetic pedals to avoid disturbing yourself and coworkers around you with up to 8 resistance levels to maximize calories burnt. It even comes with a display stand to track your performance. A revolutionary machine that allows you to exercise during your long work hours to improve your mood, regulate stress levels and be more productive at…

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Flash Tattoos have been the craze all over the world for a while now. But now you can add a little bit more oomph to the already glamorous flash tattoos with Swarovski Crystals available at Virgin Megastore across the UAE. Flash Tattoos have just launched this unique new jewelry-inspired line. Whether you’ve got a music festival, a hen-night, or just a ladies night, add a little bit of sparkle to your tattoo. There’s a variety of styles, colors and designs available and the video below shows you exactly how to place these on to you. You can also use these tattoos on your hair, kinda like Kylie Jenner does below

Brick Brick Gear

Posted by: Deena Farghal

Brick Brick Gear have come up with a revolutionary concept for fashion. Customize your own cap with interchangeable front plates that come in a variety of colors, then, pick your brim and start building your design using the bricks! So simple yet such a fun way to spice up your personal style and really make a statement. What a great gift for the kids or anyone funky enough to pull it off!

The new backpack jam

Posted by: Deena Farghal

    JammyPack was developed in Newport Beach and tested to perfection in Colorado. In 2009 the primary aim was to create high quality and functional portable speakers and what better way to carry them around then conveniently built-in your back-pack? Or how about eliminating barriers that headphones essentially give when in a group setting.  That’s when JammyPack was born and ready to take on trips with anyone, anywhere.                 They “use only the highest-quality, water-resistant, silver stamped magnetic, open source, mini-speakers; boosting 5W of stereo-amplified beats per speaker. Engaging in the highest qualified range; volume with quality.”  

Hand-picked gifts for Mom

Posted by: @KokoZu

Mother’s day is just around the corner and we’ve got our hand-picked selection for you just in time too! Whether she is a technophile, fashionista or a design guru, check out our links below to see  unique gift ideas for your favorite superhero!  The Fashionista: For those mums who are always on top of their fashion finds and the latest trends Décor and Design Guru/Interior Enthusiast: For those who love to decorate and glam up their househoulds and stay up to date with the latest in interior fashion Wellness Woman/Health and Fitness Junkie: For the active, athletic mums The Technophile: New gadgets, games and anything digital. For the moms who like to stay connected. The Culinarian: For those moms seriously interested in food and cooking Pop Culture Enthusiast: Keep your mom up to date with her favorite books, music and movies.