Virgin Megastore is a global leader in retail entertainment with over 14 stores throughout the Middle East. A one-stop shop for all your entertainment needs, not just music, not only movies. Virgin Megastore offers a wide range of products, including CDs, DVDs, books, electronics, mobile phones, multimedia,games, accessories, merchandise computers and a whole lot more.We currently have Virgin Megastores in UAE, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan.

Koko Zuberi:
I’m a marketeer at Virgin and a big advocate of Social Media, I live by it and think people should too! Kentucky is my hometown, but Dubai is where my heart is.

  • If I didn’t work at Virgin, I’d be: Volunteering for different social and charitable causes around the world.
  • Favorite Movie: The Notebook (Yes I’m a sucker for sappy Romantic Movies!)
  • Currently learning: How to master the art of patience. Also in process of perfecting my swimming strokes so I can start competing professionally.
Martin Galabov:
Creative Director, Virgin Megastore. I design and get a kick out of marketing thru graphics. Here I write about visual communication related to Virgin Megastore. More of my design-related posts can be seen on my personal blog 

  • If I didn’t work at Virgin, I’d be: In Europe.
  • Favorite Movie: The Godfather.
  • First Job: Art Director at Leo Burnett.
Malda Smadi
I’m Virgin Megastore’s graphic designer, the only female in my cool team of boys. I began reviewing books for the blog last year when I accidentally stumbled on a secret that I could get these books for free. I like reading and writing, I’m good at painting too, but I especially enjoy forcing people to hear me sing.

  • Favorite Song: Sparks by Royksopp and Pumped Up Kids by Foster The People
  • If I didn’t work at Virgin:  I’d be selling coconuts on a plank of wood in the middle of the sea in between islands to fascinated tourists.
  • Currently Learning: Creative writing.
Mikhail Kobzar 
I grew up in a musical family. Both my grandmother and my mom are classical music teachers, so it won’t be an exaggeration if I say that music, art and culture in general is in my blood. Recently my path led me to Virgin and despite me being the youngest one in the office I’d say I fit in pretty well! In my spare time, I love anything to do with gaming and I like to beat the crap out of somebody in Mortal Kombat or Tekken.

  • Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings
  • Favorite Book: Jack London’s “White Fang”
  • Currently Learning: The ways of the “Force”
 no photo
Sarah Clayton I am the Senior Books Buyer for Virgin and moved to Dubai from the UK in January 2013. As you would expect, I am an avid reader and to get through all the books I’m sent I have perfected the art of walking and reading at the same time. My favorite book of all time is Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte but this is very closely followed by A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving and The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

  • First Job: In a fruit shop when I was 15 which I loved as I could eat as many grapes as I wanted and if I weren’t working for Virgin I’d be back in the fruit shop eating grapes.
  • Favorite Movie? I tell everyone it is Casablanca but it is actually The Little Mermaid
  • Biggest Fear: Sharks and Jellyfish combining powers and becoming Jellyfarks
Mister Mathside
“My thinking isn’t driven, but the music always gives me a lift” My thinking isn’t driven, but the music always gives me a lift.

  • If I didn’t work at Virgin: I’d be a producer/consultant for the reality TV show Making The Band – Middle East.
  • Secret Talent: I can do the sign language part in Savage Garden’s Crash & Burn video, plus lip-sync to all Beatles & Pink Floyd songs.
  • Currently learning: Different variations of Airflare (breakdance move)


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